Double 2-component dispensing valve or dual dispenser used for high viscosity glue mix

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Quick Details
Standard or Nonstandard:
Endless piston Principle
High Pressure
Stainless Steel
Temperature of Media:
High Temperature
Low to High viscosity medium
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Brand Name:
High viscosity medium transportation and Dosing
2-component dispensing
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Standard export packing
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12 days




Fluid Dispensing Valve Product Description

The SK series  products of Standard Fluid System Company are particularly applicable to a variety of viscous characteristics of the medium (up to 8000.000mPas),

Bring you no pulse, low shear, high precision, quantitative linear transmission of the new design concept.

The development of S T D dispensing pump, metering pump, filling system is widely used in the world of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, solar energy, food, cosmetics, chemical industry, iron and steel, paint, 3D-Print  and other industries



The SK-M2-PEN dispensers are well known for accuracy and their ability of an easy integration in a fully automated dispensing solution. From micro beads to small filling processes, all kind of fluids can be mixed and dispensed. For many years, the models SK-M2-PEN300,SK-M2-PEN400 and SK-M2-PEN600 (minimum dosing amounts from 0.005 ml to 0.03 ml) have been well-established in the market. Now, to fulfil the gap in the micro dispensing field, the new SK-M2-PEN150 (minimum dosing amount of 0.0008 ml) Depending on the material properties and parameters small beads starting from a eighth of a millimeter on could be applied. 


SK-M2-PEN  Series of S T D brands have different Models(SK-M2-PEN150 SK-M2-PEN300 SK-M2-PEN450  SK-M2-PEN600 ; SK-M2-PEN750; SK-M2-PEN1000; SK-M2-PEN1500; And The Different types of combination, etc,), can be applied to different usage, it can be integrated into the existing production line, also be used in desktop dispensing.


Warm Reminding

My company's SK-M2-PEN series 2-component dispenser valve  can be any combination of customer demand.
For example, PEN300 and PEN450 double dispensing valve, PEN450 and PEN1000 double dispensing valve
PEN600 and PEN1500 double dispensing valve the different flow of combination to meet the needs of different operating conditions of customers


All the SK series was produced under the principle of screw pump with self sealing function. The spiral structure makes the material conveying very gentle. Material opportunity through SK will not be subjected to any shearing force. Even high viscosity material

SK can also be made through the rotation of the rotor high viscosity material perfect return.

Dispensing gun  cleaning is very convenient, can quickly complete the replacement material.


Functional Theory

SK-M2-PEN system products is a rotating, absolutely pressure-tight, positive displacement system with self-sealing rotor-stator arrangement. The controlled rotary motion of the rotor transfers the medium by displacement in the stator. The medium is unchanged by this process. And simply by switching to reverse-flow, SK-M2-PEN system products ensures a clean and controlled stop of materia or medium. No drips, no mess!



1) To ensure the perfect uniformity of gum line starting point, corner and end point
2) Constant output flow, smooth, no pulsation, low shear
3) Measurement accuracy, flow error <1%, the special model is less than 0.5%
4) Especially suitable for all kingds of ultra small flow applications, the minimum flow rate up to 0.001ml
5) Suitable for all kingds of high viscosity, granular medium, the highese viscostiy up to 1000,000cps
6) For the output flow is proportionalto the spped, is not affected by the viscostiy of the medium, the change of pressure and temperature.
7) With function of self suction and suck-in-back, fully avoid drip, wire drawing,excess drop etc.





The new and innovative precision-volume-dispenser  SK-M2-PEN600  made by S T D,offers a wide range of applications from low to high viscosity and mixed medium dispensing.



Optimal volume type precision quantitative delivery-widely applicable to all kinds of point coating, line coating, filling, sealing applications 


Range Of Uses

1)electronic packaging   2)semiconductor  3)LCD/LED/OLED   4)photovoltaic    5)medical 

6)biological chemistry  7)laboratory  8)optics and photonics   9)SMD/SMT



Technical Features

1)genuine volumetric dosing  2)suck back effect  3)viscosity-independent dosing  4)easy to clean

5)primary pressure-independent dosing   6)controllable dosing flow   7)pressure-tight no valve  

8)range of dosing pressures up to 40 bar


Applicable Medium

1) A variety of adhesives, silicone, two-component adhesive, sealant, sealant, etc.

2) The variety of solder paste, conductive paste, RTV glue, anaerobic adhesives, epoxy glue, polyurethane etc.

3) The UV of all kinds of paint, paint, paint, paint, paint, thick solvent additives, suspension, emulsion, oil and other raw materials, viscous







 1,800 gram

Material infeed:

1/4” cylindrical

Material outfeed:

static mixer with bayonet socket

Max. operating pressure:

0 – 20 bar input pressure

Max. dosing pressure:

up to 40 bar

Parts in contact with the media:

aluminum, anodized

Stator Material


Static seals:




Operating conditions

 +10°C to +40°C, air pressure 1 bar

Medium temperature

+10°C to +40°C

Storage environment:


Approx. dosing volume per revolution:

 0.140 millilitres per revolution

Accuracy of dosing :

± 1%

Repeat accuracy: 


Mixture ratio:

1:1 to 10:1

Min. dosing quantity

0.030 millilitres

Volume flow

0.6 to 32.0 ml/min

1) Max. dosing pressure and intrinsic tightness will decrease in direct proportion to a decrease in viscosity and increase in direct proportion to an increase in viscosity. Consultation with the manufacturer recommended

(2) Volumetric dosing as absolute deviation in relation to one dispenser revolution. Depends on the viscosity of the dosing medium

(3) Volume flow depends on viscosity, primary pressure and the mixing ratio


Technical data comparison of SK-M2-PEN series pump    




Medium  Viscosity  Chart








1)How does the endless piston work principle?  FAQ

S T D dosing pumps belong to the group of rotating displacement pumps. The principle of operation is comparable to an endless piston (endless piston principle), which conveys the product from the suction end to the discharge end, thus building up a pressure difference. At the heart of every application is a volumetric conveying dosing pump. The interaction oof a rotor with eccentric motion and a stator adapted to the conditins of the application results in conveying and dosing characteristics which correspond to above-mentioned endless-motion piston. Due to the dosing geometry, a constant volume is always conveyed proportional to the angle of rotation per revolution. The conveying direction can be reversed by changing the direction of rotation. The volume is therefore unambiguously defined via the angular degrees.


Furthermore our technology provides a pressure-stable, linear head capacity curve of the pump. This enables a clear statement to be made regarding the ratio of revolution, time and discharge rate. So the pumps can be used in an application to dose a constant volume based on either time or revolutions. This fact results in a reliable dosing precision at the pump outlet of 1% (depending on the medium), which is often undershot in practice. 


Another benefit is the conveying chamber produced, whose volume remains absolutely constant throughout the motion. As a result of this, solids-based media and even lumpy products can be conveyed and delivered. In addition our pump technology provides additional benefits compared to other conveying mechanisms. For example, in over 95% of all applications there is no need for any filling and dosage valves (metering valve) at all, since a short reverse motion at the end of the dosing process causes threads to be broken off or prevents dripping.


2) What kind of medium can be dosed with the SK-M-PEN series?

light curing, anaerobic, toluene, sealing agents, heat curing, gasoline, high fill fluids, shear-sensitive adhesives, LED resins, flavours, thermal conductive paste, solder paste, RTV rubbers, silver paste, flux, industrial oils, perfume, cosmetics & medicines, biotechnical suspensions, silicones, grease, alcohol, MEK, thermal grease, PU, brazing paste, paints & inks, primer, acetone, epoxy resin, electrolytic solutions, isopropanol and many more  


3) What can be the reason for too little or no flow of medium?

(1) Potential cause: Motor (dispenser cable) is not connected
     Correction: Connect motor to eco-CONTROL unit Check all connections!

(2) Potential cause: Dosing needle is blocked, dosing needle is bent
     Correction: Clean and replace the dosing needle 

(3) Potential cause: Medium has hardened / cured
     Correction: Clean the dispenser     

(4) Potential cause: The dosing needle is too small or too long

     Correction: Use a different dosing needle cross-section Reduce Dosing speed / flow rate 

(5) Potential cause: Insufficient supply of medium
     Correction:Increase the supply pressure.Check for air-bubbles.Check the hose line.

(6) Potential cause: Stator is swollen
     Correction: Check material resistance, contact manufacturer


4) Why is the preset quantity not being dosed?

(1) Potential cause: Dispenser is not calibrated
     Correction: Calibrate the dispenser


5) Why does the medium ooze or drip after the dosing process?

(1) Potential cause: Reverse-flow is not correctly adjusted

     Correction: Adjust the reverse-flow

(2) Potential cause: There are air-bubbles in the medium
     Correction: De-aerate the medium

(3) Potential cause: The Medium is compressible
     Correction: Degas the Medium


6) Our services

(1) My screw pump products, reasonable price, excellent service, offer quality inspection. Custom made product is welcome.

(2) We have a special quality supervision department, assure the quality of bulk production

(3) If the product have quality problem, we will deal with it in the first place, find out the reason, take responsibility.

(4) If you are interested in our products and company, please leave a message here or E-mail to us, we will reply you within 24 hours.  


7)Why choose us ?

(1)We manufacture and export the goods directly, no agent in between,to make  the cost the bottom down and make your price less.

(2)In order to keep stable quality of our products, our producing machines are all imported from Europe original machine factory, we don't use low starndard equipment.

(3)We ensure the on-time delivery; we can offer the best service for purchasing, quality control, shipping, documents etc.

(4)We provide  SAMPLE and OEM service.

(5)We will reply your enquiry IN 24 HOURS.

(6)More than 20 years experiences  in this industry business, and the professional teams to make our customer feel  relaxed and comfortable to work with us 

(7)Please contact us by email, we will send you more images of our products for more choices.  


8)How to make an order for S T D screw pump ? 

(1) Sample approval 

(2) Client make 30% deposit after receiving our Proforma Invoice, 

(3) Supplier start bulk production and finish production within agreed lead time

(4) Supplier arrange necessary documents and send them to client

(5) Client arrange balance payment

(6) Supplier arrange shipment , and send original documents or telex release the goods




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